Tuesday, 16 August 2011

What do you call a rioter in a suit ? A politician...

As the fires of last week’s riots burn out, political debate is hotting up.  And this is set to be one helluva fight.  Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, in the blue corner, weighing in at 306 seats, we give you David ‘Call me Dave’ Cameron and his opponent in the red corner is new kid on the block Ed ‘New Generation’ Miliband.  The eyes of the nation are watching the ring so let the showdown commence!! LET’S GET READY TO RUMMMBLE!!


Because this what the political scene is looking like this week and call me crazy but is more fighting the best way to solve an already volatile situation?  

Now, take a look at the pictures below and mentally replace the suits with hoodies and I think you might be able to see where I'm going with this...

Cameron claims that what is needed now is strong leadership but all we seem to be getting is tit-for-tat point scoring, hasty clutching-at-straws policy making and as such an even more unstable political outlook.  This is not only a waste of resources but of society's time.

On an average week I despair when watching the verbal slanging match that is Prime Minister's question time as it reminds me that ultimately our leadership comes down to two booing and jeering pantomime audiences facing each other for a thirty minute matinée each Wednesday.  Cameron calls for personal responsibly, mutual respect and discipline but I fear that he is so short sighted as to believe that these values need only be cultivated in the unemployed or those dwelling in council houses!  If this is the real answer to society's problems (and I doubt it even scratches the surface) then it applies across the board and surely must first be demonstrated at the top.  And so I write the following, with hope that can only be likened with sending a letter to Santa:

Dear Powers That Be, you need to consider your own personal responsibility to a distrusting and quite frankly disillusioned nation.  We know that there are deep rooted social problems, a speech on such merely gives the impression that this is news to you.  We are also very much aware that things cannot be rectified over night, but change will come about a lot sooner if you put the big speeches away and let us see mutual respect in action by settling your difference amicably.  Please show us that you have the discipline needed to rise above using the current situation as a PR opportunity.  Now is not the time to promote your own political agenda but to set an example of how to behave in times of crisis by working together to make lives better for the people who put you in your suits in the first place.
Yours no-longer-faithfully,

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