Sunday, 28 August 2011

The many me's...

This blog is titled 'The World According to Suze' but so far you’ve only really met a limited amount of 'me's'. I think people are fascinatingly complex and we all have many sides of ourselves; some of which we may be more familiar with than others. This may be because one of two shout louder and so drown out our more sensitive sides. In a blog, which is essentially a two-dimensional space it is hard to give equal ‘air time’ to the other facets of my personality that make me the 3D person typing this. So I’ve made a conscious decision to at least introduce the many different Suze’s that make up my world in the hope that, in time, the shier aspects of myself will contribute to future posts.

You have already met:

Soap box Suze – this Suze keeps up to date with the current affairs and consults with both her head and heart to form opinions. This Suze thinks quite deeply and considers all sides so welcomes alternative stances but is frustrated by people who make sweeping statements without backing it up. Soapbox Suze will debate with you, if you’re game, but respects your informed point of view as equally valid, even if she doesn't agree with it.

Now please let me introduce:

Hopeful Suze – this person’s glass is not just half full - she’s glad to have a glass in the first place! She's optimistic but not totally carefree, her head may sometimes be in the clouds but never so far as she can’t see her feet on the ground. She knows when she has a poo hand but finds satisfaction in playing it to the best of her ability.

Morning Suze – you won’t often see her. She should be sponsored by WWF as she’s extremely rare. But, if you wake her up, you can consider yourself an endangered species!

Late night Suze – bright eyed and bushy tailed as soon as the moon comes out. She’s the Suze found reading by a bedside light, watching questionable tv (see dopey Suze) or BBC4 (see geeky Suze) from under a blanket, trying to sleep but failing and wondering if she’s the only one left on the planet awake. But then remembers Australia and smiles.

Geeky Suze – if this Suze watches TV it’s a BBC4 documentary; usually on space or some other juicy bit of physics or history. This Suze has been guilty of setting too high expectations for herself and for being too-dominant a personality trait in the past. Motivated by her love of learning she studies hard and reads fiendishly but generally use up a lot brain power. This means that statistically geeky Suze is followed by a dopey Suze – well, at least until the moon comes up.

Dopey Suze – comes into her own when the lights are on but none of the other Suzes are home. Not grumbley but dosey and not nearly as bright as geeky Suze would like. Dopey Suze is clumsy, giggly and more than a little bit spacey. When geeky Suze is resting this Suze enjoys ‘questionable’ television such as daytime TV soaps, TOWIE... I would go on but geeky Suze is shaking her head in despair.

Nosey Suze – or friendly Suze if you prefer (I prefer!). You’ll know when you’ve met this Suze as you’ll feel like you’ve just been interviewed, or psychoanalysed, and not be quite sure how it happened. This Suze asks many questions and loves to learn about people but gets a bit flummoxed when she receives questions about herself, not because she’s cagey but because she doesn’t find her own answers nearly as interesting as yours.

Caring Suze – happily puts her loved ones before anyone or anything else. Loyal and steadfast, loves nothing more than being with and there for those she adores <3

Funny Suze – is mischievous, loves smilies :D and anything and everything random, immature and remotely humorous. Funny Suze has been known to improvise with a variety of household objects for props. Not big on being serious, and therefore the perfect antidote to geeky Suze, funny Suze will whole heartedly laugh at her own jokes. Even if she is the only one.

Cynical Suze – is a crony of funny Suze and looks at life with a wry smile embracing all that is ironic. If sarcasm is the lowest form of wit then this Suze is below sea level.

Feisty Suze – when justified, and therefore backed up by Soap Box Suze, this Suze will stand up for what she thinks is right. Much rarer and with more roar than a rudely awoken morning Suze, this Suze will voice her concerns, make them heard and boy will she stand her ground.

Spiritual Suze – a rather new addition to the Suze family, this Suze is open to the possibility that there is more to this world than we know and is eager to work out what that may be. This Suze keeps an ear open to her inner voice and finds time and time again that it is wise to follow her instincts.  A little bit creative, learning to embrace going with the flow; a Suze in cultivation.

So that’s – or rather they’re – me.

I was aware that I have these different, quite contradictory, traits but never thought about how they related to each other to make up my whole self in the way that this little exercise has given me the opportunity to do so tonight. To have all the ‘inhabitants’ ‘meet’ on the page makes my world seem a little less flat and fragmented. I’m not sure if the reader or indeed the blog has gained anything from this but oddly enough I really have.  And me.  Oh and me.  Don’t forget me... ;)

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